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^studies from the Roi/al Victorid Hospital, VM'i, 1, No. T).

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one had been delivered by forceps in her first pregnancy,

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554 pages, 8vo). This work goes very thorouglily into the

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Wright, George Herman P. & S., N. Y., '94 New Milford.

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cases had 16 deaths, or 11.7 per cent. Of the sixteen deaths

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Body, with a New Method for th^-ir Estimation iu the Blood, American Journal of

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diet should be nutritious, and a little wine with meals is advisable. Cathar-

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third act, and the momentary hush that preceded the

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clinical clerks. The histories of the new cases are read,

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7. — Bismuth paste injection will not heal out sinuses

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library of every neurologist and military medical officer.

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immediately consecutive to this contraction of the auricles, i.e.

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The origin of this sclerotic form of valvular inflammation is therefore to

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we must not omit to mention that the inquiry of which it treats was

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trolling the seizures of epilepsy, it was objected that it

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