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tumor was removed by Dr. Hartley, from a man seventy-

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transient spasm of some of the ocular muscles may be present, and diplopia

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Of fifteen cases of pleurisy, six had large effusion at the time of

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Death after the Intra-uterine Injection of Ferric Chloride.

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ysis), from inordinate sexual or sensual indulgence.

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Lastly, epithelioma may attack old syphilitic sores or scars. The

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Extracts of Flowers. See Perfumery, in this volume.

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in 1881, and 6 cases in 1884. The enforcement of police regulations has

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at the same time with E. E., 10 had not received the serum previously.

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was submitted to examination by M. Dechaux, avowing that