solutions of quinin hydrochlorid (strength 1 : 1000 to 1 : 5000) have proved
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same definite relations to each other, and in this respect
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was admitted February 13, 1850. Seven years before had influenza, since
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and for the first time, on the thirteenth day, the temperature reached
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cerebrospinal fluid in the 4 cases was clear and colorless and in only
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From the beneficial efEects of administering opium in
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ed but after explaining the possibility of Their Role as Intra-Epithehal Cell Para-
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up in four days and a half after insertion, and not reinserted ; no local
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in increasing the deformity. It is very surprising to
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occurred in from four to twenty-eight days after labour. In eight cases attended
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length. The capsules are remarkably uniform in size. They are built up
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for the cold applications, the pain which is very considerable must be
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pressure, of the pain that had characterised her affliction. In
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All foods which do not nourish or are indigestible should be
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ton, beef, or chicken broth. If milk is not borne w^ell, it may be diluted
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accompanied by such ill-defined symptoms that it is rarely recognized
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other hand, he says, it "would be difficult to condemn tou
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Autointoxication, in short, should and tract leads to serious symptoms, but
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part spasmodic, for the reason that they are often heard at one time
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confession to their shortcomings in this very operating room,
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appearance. Even after complete impaction the calculus may be dis-
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whose common action no typical outflow can occur ; hence it does not depend
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anomia. If this is so, and it seems to be, it can read-
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of the oculist, inasmuch as they require careful individualization
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discovered either in the membranes or in the cerebral substance. Surely
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injury to the brain, that death soon followed. The man was seen to commit
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minating-gas has a powerful odor and can be detected