agonal epithelial .-..-lis the Bame lining membrane.
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Dr. C. D. Boyd of Kaukauna presented a clinical case to the meeting
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lar fibrillation is notably uncommon in the high-pressure heart.
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De. Cuming read a case of Mitral Regurgitation^ independent of
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of light the definition of the best lens is impaired.
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each muscle individually, by lifting dumb-bells, or can it be accomplished
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also in the bony growth being connected with the middle of
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cavalry ; the unbroken -mouthed artillery of heaven talks with a tongue
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France when I found that to go from a ward of unoccui)ied fracture cases
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produced. The reason for this can be found only in special con-
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subsequent ills castration has entailed upon our patients.
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to free it from the lung, and thus causing a frequent recurrence
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greater. This retardative action of light known as actin-
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resulted. In attempting to breathe air heated to temperatures varying from
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some, and the constriction was not succeeded by dilata-
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have ordered this medicine in the same proportion in other
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Percentage of purin base nitrogen of sweetbreads ingested excreted as uric
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gm. (gr. iv.) either pure or mixed with equal parts of extract of rhu-
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creasing an office practice either for a specialist or gen-
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would explain the action of the remedy, on the common prin-
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that the proposal of treating aneurism by pressure should be
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rent Immunoelectrophoresis in the evaluation of childhood
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''spontaneous absorption of cataract " were examined with
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be thrown upon the ground. The collars should be carefully wiped
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2. To carry away the toxic bile as it is poured into the in-
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The incubation of this disease requires about twelve days and it
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the curd of the milk is separated from it by coagulation, and forms a
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described as scrofula. It was always known that so-called
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The only thing that I ought to be particular not to
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the fcetus in utero, or with true labour pains ; the alternate
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inequality in the power of accommodation of the two eyes, and should be
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jnaje. It would be therefore needless to inquire if there be one ])articular
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side this was a layer of soft, dark-coloured lymph, the result
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several factors: 1st (as I have already stated), the very limited supply
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continuous with an adhesive substance dipping deeply
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tion of parasites; of which we have examples in collections of
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which an epidemic is supposed to have spread into the Kissiba district of
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remains of blood more or less tarry. The clot formed varies in appearance.
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Peru, lay very ill with tertian fever at Lima, the capital city. The
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Nonhygienic Industries. — It is difficult for the stranger