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5.— The six cases of appendicitis reported by Symonds

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ntamination or not, carries with it great numbers of bacteria, and

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lesser pectoral muscles were little more dense than the strongest brown

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at the same time with E. E., 10 had not received the serum previously.

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viz., improved respiration, fuller and slower, with gradually

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than the chlorides in experiments lasting two hours or more. In the earlier

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of his admission was suffering much from partial dyspnoea, pulse frequent and

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occurs which we give as characteristic of the work.

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the complaint ceases of its own accord, even for years, and then

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gotten up in three forms, nuclein solution from the yeast of certain

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Fordyce Barker, Frank H. Hamilton, Alexander R. Mott, Thomas M.

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antrum and along the distal four-fifths of the lesser curvature, and

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that convulsion is often met with in single women whose minds have

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The logical inference is, of course, that the ovaries, or

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Case V. — ^M. K., 44 years, Russian Hebrew, father of three

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and the ■plnit -h-iild hr al\,i\- re(>laied. rndei u<> un nin-t,ni. t- >!i..uki

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and undressing himself morning and night. Finding that the

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the base hospital with bedsores already developed, they may

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pulmonary congestion. To some extent the cause of the dyspnea may be

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The results got under antiseptics in other abdominal operations encouraged

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parasites, those of higher order all having been omitted. He has not even

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In a letter from the patient, dated March 19, 1883,

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whole vaginal membrane, without any other form of hyper-

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draw this outline on the skin itself, in order to prevent errors of in-

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seated or standing, facing a brightly illuminated window, and told

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Grippe, and at seven o'clock I went upstairs to bathe and dress.

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To describe this remarkable museum would be an impossible task

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have been pregnant, 156, or 96.5 per cent, were so. Of the remaining fifteen

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114 inches long. Anteriorly upon the floor of the prostatic urethra lies

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identical results in less than half an hour. Ten (or five) c.c. of the milk with the

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advanced by distinguished authors. Wintrich, Bamberger, and others, con-

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atom of hydrogen and the azotic pole), on each of which an atom