The best results from vaccine treatment have been obtained in cases

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    amount he said, was already pledged. — N. E. Med. Gaz. Nov. 19 10.

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    milder. My nose continued bleeding right along. That was about a month before I quit.

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    These cases are taken from various parts of the world and

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    know how to use it. Enough elementary knowledge of the bacteri-

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    The Cold Pack. A square blanket is spread upon the patient's

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    On account of the local prejudice in Malta against the term "Malta

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    achusetts Homoeopathic Hospital more than 50,000 persons have

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    Even in the "resisting cases," cases of old people where treat-

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    actively ozonifying, and imparts an agreeable refreshing odor to the atmosphere.

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    Literally rendered it means difficult menstruation and as a defini-

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    married, musical and a well-educated American in active business.

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    College, Philadelphia, assisted by Leighton F. Appleman, M.D., Instruc-

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    Whereas, the Council caused inquiry to be made into the case of John Kirkpatrick, a