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If you will turn to page 640, of Vol. 11, of Velpeau's
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thumb on the lateral border of the body of the womb, which pressure took an
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arrest of the changes going on ; a transfer of action perhaps to the quinine
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of contraction of the ventricle in the horse and dog with the
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of the growth and submit it to microscopical examina-
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(4.) As regards the compressibility of the artery, the pulse is
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truth should be generally known." And Dr. Watson, whose
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krumbhaar: hemolytopoietic system in primary anemias 329
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and its explanation is to be found, no doubt, in the fact that in those portions
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and was readily retained on the stomach. A few days subsequently, the dose was
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would be the same as the number of primary vaccinations performed in
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move the fingers and wrist, and in the intrinsic muscles of the hand.
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suprarenal alkaloid" should be of identical strength, just as are all one
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risy, consumption, laryngitis, stricture of the resophagus,
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one individual who not only has an interest in aerosols, but
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mobile. The most suitable culture-media are agar and blood-
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it is hisduty to make as "Inspectorof AlkaliWorks" — an office
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A report from the Dental Board was read, and the recom-
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to Join 26-man, all-specialist group. Contact Robert G.
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Communications are invited from all parts of the world.
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blue pills, calomel, &c, &c. Three neighboring doctors had done
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Gazette, June, 1885]. At that time and until recently I used
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Murphy, and Dr. Ramsbotham, the performance of the Ctesarian operation was
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per cent, of the cases had been followed up, and were very satisfactory.
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we can embody in full descriptive and theoretical works also the
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the alimentary canal, and small daily doses of the drug soon
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but in the extremities on the side of the body opposite to that of the hemisphere of the brain
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of the committee — recommendations which appear to us to be full
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Dec. 7, 1SS2. — There is a " distinctly elevated area
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This view, in its bearing upon the use of the drug in question,
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fluid intake and output (Fig. 17). March 3 the condition of the patient was
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malaria for months (relapses); these may be normal or latent. 2.
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Mr. Trye and Dr. Ferriar, until we have noticed the hypothesis
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We asked 303 practicing physicians in general internal medicine, family medicine, gastroenterology, or