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is heavily weighted with a ball of lead, so that the
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much in us for criticism, and there is not a specialist or a sur-
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My close friends - the memories seem endless. I will cherish every moment we've all
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thus, whatever pursuit a child may be intended to follow, a good educa-
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left side. There was some ataxia in the movements of the left arm and hand.
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is a slight increase in the urinary solids in the majority of cases. The
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in the diaphragm. A large percentage of apparently primary cases of tuber-
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the rheumatic diatheses. Patient has been a man of splendid
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of miliaria, produced by copious diaphoresis, untoward effects on the skin
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Surg., Phila., 1898, xxviii. 664.— Deleiiw (E.) Des de-
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struction of the lenticular nuclei in whole or in part may
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cavities, and this can always be done through the nasal passages
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have defective teeth. The history of hirsuties shows that its
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The first was the brain of a monomaniac ; the second,
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a statistical study are very great, and except in rare cases complete
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a herd, &c. A cow that has once aborted is liable to
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spread out like the hand, or be flattened, so that as the tube
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losis during a month of the year, and go months after-
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hydrochloric acid, to the vapors coming from a crumpled fragment of tlie
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and it became apparent that the dysentery bacillus can cause infantile
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Yellow bark is the epithet intended to be applied only
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It is a wide though untrodden field after all. We can, how-
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is usually Prussian Blue, which is highly poisonous.
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some new operations on the back in cases of great distortions of the
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Children who are accustomed to repeated attacks of false croup
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dren, who have been referred to clinics on account of
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the final results, when the cases are properly handled, should
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for more care in discovering the existence of hardiened arteries, so as» to
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ordinary degree of deformity of her stomach, the result of
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fever to others? IIow could the mayor's "Jacksonism" protect the exposed
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Fig. 319. — Frambcesia: Primary sore will appear as an ulcer, not