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Journil, treating of the present state of the Paris Medical
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Peoria M. J., 1900, v, 50-55.— Veriieuil. Du paludisme
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(3) loss of weight, with nitrogen excreted in excess of that taken in the
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with a second shorter piece which may be changed at each dressing.
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'- (1) Initial Medical History (1 1 February 1943 to
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Davis Brothers, Dyer, Ind. — With young sows that suckle down thin, we wean
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flections upon the subjects which it treats. Much, however,
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equally seen amongst carriage -horses, hunters, and w^ell-groomed
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hospital. After showing the errors of giving too little instruction,
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was read.] The drawings (Plate II) show the difference in the
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the diphtheria bacillus in the exudate; tendency to albuminuria.
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might be suffering from the same disease, for although in congenital
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genicity is likely to occur. Applying this principle to smallpox, it is