mucous membrane comes better into view. On the epiglottis there is,
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    late Mrs. Tildeslee de Bosset, of Holies-street, Cavendish-
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    time, on further questioning, she reported that the animal had
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    tice. A recent decision of the Supreme Court of the State of Ohio
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    tage to the patient, I think. Fenner lauds a sterilisKcd solution of thyminic
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    East Twentieth Street have been leased for ten years, and will
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    The effect of overexertion is often a lowering of the oral temperature
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    has also been advocated, but no definite results have followed its use in
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    with oedema and frequently with small scattered hemor-
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    that he has often found a very small bloodletting (three
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    vulsion, or if combined with the chloral hydrate in the form of bromidia, a year and
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    iM. D., formerly Professor of Surgery in the Roval College of
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    the secondary lesion. The occurrence of five cases in fifty-two op-
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    Other points brought out by the investigation are as follows : —
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    ble. (See Enalapril Maleate, Fetal/Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality, below.)
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    or. to the side opposite its former position. The patient cannot obtain ease in
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    present report has reference only to eight provincial asylums, while those in
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    The so-called true Tsetse-fly (Glossina morsitans) is the
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    Between vomiting of blood from ulcer and from cancer of the stomach
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    place in the lymphoid tissue of the glands and spleen, in onh a part
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    conditioned by lesion of the spinal arteries. 3 In order to determine
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    soon be fortified by the reports of many hundreds, and that
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    escharotic effect, as in a case of suprapubic prostatectomy, where the
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    of the cornu and either fornix, while the portio is also diseased,
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    continuous administration of from j Jg to gjjj of a gr. of nitro-giycerine
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    navo tifa. [intravenous injection of salt solution in a case
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    also to make it possible for the practical physician,
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    cessive heat of the hands and arras may be reduced by frequent sponging