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GoBliotomy for Puerperal Septiosemia and Peritonitis.
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chapter on microorganisms of the digestive tract which
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The Solano.-The solano is a south-easterly wind, blowing from the Sahara
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organism closely resembling a diphtheroid was present but it differed
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retains its normal dimensions or exceeds them. Whilst the lingual
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Dr. Shurly — ^Yes, I think they would, but, at the same
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hyperactivity of the thyroid, the more ready should we
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of the kidney occurring in children: one was a small, round-cell sarcoma
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The Agglutination Test for Cholera. If serum from animals immunized against
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cases from being severe and typical had the disease been true
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tion of parasites; of which we have examples in collections of
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warranted in saying that they occur in this disease far more frequently tlian
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Par., 1S9S, no. 20, 2.— Clark (AV. M.) Auotlier pre-natal
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and Vitreous. By Charles A. Oliver, M. D., Philadelphia. [Reprinted
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slightly affected in one direction or the other, some
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dency of Dr. Barnes of London. In the other sections the
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one of the writers, furnishes additional evidence that