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Prognosis.— The disease is never fatal, though it may last for
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her end. In the second place, the abscess wall, when the
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that the object of the anonymous writer is not to impugn the former
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of the individual. Many would risk life time and again
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the mechanical difficulties in the way of filing them, and the neces-
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ture is common to these morbid states. They are attended with
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Post-Graduate Hospital on July 16, 1912, and sent home free from recogniz-
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rial point of view, setting aside its higher claims to
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•exhibits lesions which can readily be determined ac-
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means of control and whose control, to say nothing of eradication,
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when patients left the institution they would ever sound
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tion will hereafter be free not only to the employes »{ the
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dean of the medical faculty and president of the Alumni Asso-
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those dead of hemorrhagic variola. Widal and Sabrazes have also noted the
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of those brave men. Captain Allen Young had journeyed to
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throat specialist, died August 28, 1962, at the age
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brane. The results as noted include a marked subsidence of the fever ; the
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, , J • , ,„t„„f ^u^^^-^^i^ic oi->.-,i;o(= nMtVi I shown itself by an increase of human longevity, in spite of the
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domestic sewage which will yield the very best results with absolutely iden-
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read were: "Bacterial Vaccines," by Dr. Arthur H. Griswold
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when there is high febrile action of the whole system, and we are igno.
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gistically difficult and takes up a great deal of ICU nurs-
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stationary; and wttile in the latter the redness and tumefaction ore
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tonos. Tympanitis and constipation are present, with palsy of the
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I have heard Dr. Dickinson make this statement before, and I make no
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every three hours for two days and then gradually diminished, and
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vesicles were broken the skin underneath was black, and, as it were,
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cause, social workers should not fail to do what they
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the average mortality of "belly cases " in hospitals is less
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ure in California is proof of the popularity which these wines are deservedly