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Vice-President * G. W. Baker, M.D., 48 Bedford Ave.

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age. When a married woman is found to have diabetes mellitus

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viper. When the appendix was opened after the operation

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rigor since last report, which lasted for a quarter of an

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and water, setting gallic acid free, which passes out into the secretions after

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recently been carefully studied by Hodges and Bagshaw.

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the disease, it is rarely seen in man. A tew cases have come under my

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AVith reference to impaction he could conceive that

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pressure, of the pain that had characterised her affliction. In

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conclusive on the matter. Sir Peter Richards and Sir C.

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thrice daily for twenty-four or forty-eight hours before

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partial laceration. A most interesting account is given by Mr.

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authorities on the ground that it is an infectious disease.

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thoseTconditions where reduplication or splitting of the second sound

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cataract, 55 ; metallic mercury discharged by skin,

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unfrequently involves the ileum. When the inflammation

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coveredj. Further, when solutions like 1 to 10,000 or 1

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after exposure to the fumes of black vomit, and I have

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twelve months she was free from pain, but at the end of that

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Die Intubation des Kehlkopfes, [etc.]. 8°. Leipzig u.

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Text-Book of Physiology. Edited by E. A. SCHAFER, LL.D., F.R.S., Professor of Phys-

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a true rennet enzyme. The antirennet of the normal serum, or at least a

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Among the late cases signs of brain pressure without in-

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hereditary transmission, . . . and will assert itself

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hospital reports abound in the record of cases treated with it ; and the

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mouth on the afifected so well as on the healthy side, and the