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in nearly all cases of vital exhaustion from excessive

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There was a partial loss of motor power in the face and limbs

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may be reduced one-half We should advise the reduction in

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of the head of the pancreas and peritoneum, but in the

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She spent most of her time in bed, and was thrown into

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the benefit of their observations. Before the American

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on " Spermatorrhoea," by Richard Dawson, I urine, which is then supposed to be semen,

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" In the first place, this disinfection procedure involves the

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resemblance to the preceding. In Mr Abernt-thy's cases, the

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Young and Keyes have striven early and late, and their enthusiasm has been an

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of chronic tuberculosis, chronic diff'use nephritis, and

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consists of a cross-piece at the pelvic end of the splint

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idiosyncracy in the patient Immediately upon the expulsion of the

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anterior recti, and of the inferior oblique. The pupils failed

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so evident when any structural tissue of the spinal column

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"Section 1. "Whenever, in the opinion of the medical super-

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avoided in the councils of our school, and that at the present

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Hospital. Her husband called me that afternoon to tell me that the

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pushes on its self-observed way, for more than the passing

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inflammatory processes, bacterial or otherwise, may be set up. We

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brane, about a quarter of an inch long and \ is that of a woman named Mary Anne God-

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istry ; Matthew P. Deady, LL. D., Medical Jurisprudence ;

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the inner faces of the thighs, is significant, especially when the char-

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curtailed in the next edition, whereas the sterling good

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views. Both were right, probably. At least, there was

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The German poet, Heine, during the eight years he lay bed-ridden with a'form

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with a liberal use of food and alcohol ; and the mortality was 41

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lacerated wo\nid of tlio great toe of the right f.vit, with fracture of its

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changed in thirty. Of the cases in which the lungs were

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duced into regular practice by Dr. Cutler, of Massa-

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Moisture on skin ; began to sleep after second dose, and slept several