tired of shuffling my feet, as he paid no attention to this. I walked
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rapidity. Alcohol in moderate doses does not increase the quantity or
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hjpertrophied — augmented both in thickness and in length.
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tient if the case is not too far advanced. A sea voyage has proved
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relaxed paralysis, anesthesia of abrupt demarcation,
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tlie landing. And it is true, as perhaps you know, that
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in the case of infants, and a soft tooth brush for older children. An
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The outbreak is nearly always strictly limited to the trunk or to trunk
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His experiments consisted chiefly in throwing medicated in-
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It is a good plan to count the respirations while apparently feeling
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recorded in the Neiv York Medical Journal, vol. Ivi, pp.
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must content myself with this allusion to them. But in passing from this
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The book is not exhaustive, it presupposes a knowledge of
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America, and the West Indies. It occurs all through the year but
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tions a case of this kind, where with the development of sepsis the
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case the treatment was equally successful, although no
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But, whatever treatment may be adopted, the fact should never be
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trachoma, there has been lately so much discussion. It has been supposed
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ments. Twenty minutes after the use of spirits it was
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courtesies I wish to thank the Society and its Secretary, Dr. Benjamin
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causes cardiac and vascular dilatation by acting directly on the musculature
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indican. Obermayer's reagent is a 2 pro mille solution of ferric chlo-
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nations of sight and hearing similar in all respects to those met with in
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lessening in the activity of the disease the strength usually
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efficient adjunct to the gynecologist's armamentarium,
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several factors: 1st (as I have already stated), the very limited supply
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structions to use it, in case he indulges in sexual
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' Auer, J., and Meltzer, S. J., J. Pharmacol, and Exp. Therap., 1913-14, v, 521.
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neous injection of 250 c.c. of these toxins. In proportion to the
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frequencies, the blue, indigo, and violet, which readily pass
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of dislocation had reappeared. It was now evident that the dislocation
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Some cases were reported by Gellhorn of St. Louis. In
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to consumption. Any mental anxiety increases the action of the heart. I do
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some time since (see Vol. VI. page 276.) demonstrated in birds,