that slowly left her in a few weeks. Ever since she has suffered from
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1955. McStravoc, Lawrence J., 6910 Market St., Upper Darby, Pa.
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of the affected region as to make it undetectable on examination.
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zinc box, which gives shape to the whole, can be used at the dressing-
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any satisfactory conclusions as to which cases had re-
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soft and pulpy, and sometimes of a deep yellow hue. In some cases
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xxxiv, 318-328 — Efiingtoii. Case of excision of ankle
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Royal Army Medical Corps, and Capt. Dudley Corbett, Royal Army
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ML\'OU rAUAd h'M'll.^.—lTKMS.—LLTTEUH TO TUK hJJlTOU. (N. Y. Mki>. Joor.,
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The human cases in which we used the inoculations consisted uf mod-
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QallrStones. — This patient was a man from St. LouiS| who had
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lay between 2 pieces of flannel and pass a heated iron over
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hereafter show, all evidence in this direction may be negative;
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a calculus without inflammation. He believes that bacteria
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and it is one deserving of far more attention than it
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those also of the nose and larynx, are be- to prevent reinfection and recurrence.
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at home. After removing the splint there was stiffness,
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feature vrhich he distinguishes, never leaving off until he be satisfied that he,
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occurred in 1840, when a professorship of Physiology, distinct
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organs of digestion do poor work, prepare the aliment imperfectly, and
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lower water ingestion during the preliminary period of this subject to have
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clipping all parts of the body except the legs. The hair that is
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with intense congestion. The portal canals are infiltrated with a
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similar. Dengue also shows a slowing of the pulse. The high blood pressure of the
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rabbit, or bag other game which, at times, sought refuge in
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the transatlantic steamers. ^ Lately, the name of a most
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to decide whether it were wholly ureteric in origin or whether the lower
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the aneurism, from the operation of Hunter. It was a most
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rarely lived longer than one year. As a sharp contrast
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TABLE 7. — Proportion of White Pellagrins with Onset Before 1913, Who
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silk thread by means of a pointed, curved aneurism needle, and thus
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I 1 . Bouza E, Burgaleta C, Golde DW : Infections in hairy-cell leukemia. Blood