Lastly, epithelioma may attack old syphilitic sores or scars. The

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contracted. When the latter condition exists, the inner

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(2) Proboscis pale on apical half — masteri Skuse.

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ointment. There arc many remedies which dissolve in

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white. Potato plugs, white colonies. Cohn's solution, slight growth.

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twenty drops, to be added to a pint of water, and used

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rials employed in its service, to the very point of their exit

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the hysterical nuns of St. Ursula, down to some very recent

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rid a wound of the agents and subjects of sepsis." The final establish-

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When writing advertisers please mention the Journal.

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The omentum was firmly adherent to the tumor, the adhesions

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of the undiscovered causes plus the ease with which those known

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smallest change of feeling in their bodies : and from any unusual

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most favourable cases the least excess of fatigue, a change of weather from dry

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questioned, the patient simply says he feels depressed, or he has

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such as small pox, measles, scarlet fever, typhoid, ty-

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ance marks persons labouring under nervous deafness, which is of

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after the subsidence of the erysipelatous eruption,

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Case IV. — Same patient as in Case III. Advancement ot

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sation of diseases only if certain fundamental conditions have been

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of nourishment, and growing more and more irritable

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follows, whether we consult health which is of primary importance, or

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Dr. F. C. Wilson : There is only one point that I would like to refer

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istam superficiem penitus simul esse papillosam, quemadmodum se habent interiora nos-

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like scarlet fever, but in small, confluent places, with no

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between ordinary forms of anmmia and chlorosis by reference to the com-

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