had taken place in two of Lebert's and in one of my cases. However,

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    It is probably true that in no case was there well-de-

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    ber of the Royal Colh'ge of 8urg(!ons, «Stc. &c., with Illustrations. First American

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    if a vessel be occluded as suddenly and effectually by means

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    Experiment I. — Rabbit; weight, 700 g. Alcohol injected during interval between

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    Chylous urine sometimes sets into a jelly after it is passed, but after

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    no noticeable motor seizure. It is always questionable as to the

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    cases of scurvy has been very much greater than in any other

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    of renal infection. An hematogenous infection of the kidney will

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    shall be on the road to a more exact diagnosis, for we

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    and thrombosis was first proposed in 1963 by Bowie, et al.

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    3. I regard it as essential, after such division, to place at once a full-sized

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    been ascribed to the abuse of alcohol, is Pulmonary Phthisis.

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    infectious diseases (tuberculosis and anthrax excepted).

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    stains (^^stases") at its fundus. The intestines were normal. The

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    inscription is called defaced when a more or less considerable part is blotted

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    lies. It is not uncommon, for example, to see intermittents without

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    by division of the cell substance, an elongated rod-like body is

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    Cy that this operation in itself is not wrong, for it is de-

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    infecting agent. Some of this is further oxidized, and

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    of the interests of the profession, which its author has display-

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    Mr. Brown. Dr. Lumley Earle, of Birmingham, is a man

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    as the latter is concerned, I should prefer wine to whiskey,

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