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Montreal; J. Alex. Hutchison, Montreal; J. Bray, Chatham; A.
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must, I think, now be admitted, at all events for certain animals.
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I N the United States, the aspiration of lesions in deep
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quired the wire suture was generally used. In suturing the
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with a rattling noise in the throat. The pulse became perceptible but often
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the brain, but is most generally a local disorder due to paralysis
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A vote of tlianks was extended to the President for
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and gives the results of the examination of a number of prepa-
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of our patron, Dr. Hughes, which came to me a full week after
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port A be adopted. It covers proposed amendments from
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divisions ; first, that referring to mechanical treat-
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that the wrists were not proportionately enlarged. Fur-
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strain and sweeten ; flavor with lemon, or according to taste. It
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since fho whole profession suffers, through the unworthy
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other considerations. And here a point of great importance was
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creased, while the colon was diminished in calibre.
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and fine hall and staircase, all floored with polished Austrian oak. Each
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to the body. He calls this the "Flossenstellung," or flipper
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urine (daily quantity about 1600 c.c.) is free from albumen
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State Medical Sortety, held at Cheyenne. Wyo., Oct. 9 and 10. IflOO.
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tract, but elimination by this route is checked, and the constipation
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diameter of the head thus comes in contact with the
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trates. Only this time, the problem is not the initially treated
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we are saved from great perplexity in this matter by
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ures besides the treatment already mentioned. The main feature is the
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the public, as to call forth the general protest of the English practi-
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were audited and passed. Three deaths were annovmced. It
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Councilman, who had described certain indeterminate
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of the leading social features of the Bristol Congress. It
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taking into consideration the probably reduced pop-
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phenacetin, quinine, sodium salicylate, and salicin, were all tried
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scholars show off as well as any of our neighbors? Do we not
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the disastrous results of which are shown in premature
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symptom was a progressively increasing weakness of the