rriHERE is no sharp line of demarcation between fibroid phthisis and other
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organizations are almost one hundred per cent run by managers or man-
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probe. The interior was lined with fibrinous deposits, and it
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to circulate, this will all be displaced bya fresh supply, admitted
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which shoiY a decrease of marriage in France, and a very much larger percent-
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the disease, — not as a last resource, when death from asphyxia
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ments. The first contains azote, of which vegetables generally
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proof of its being a constitutional affection, that
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sarcoma is, however, of little consequence ; what is really important is that
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of the superior maxillary, vrithout disturbing the remainder of the
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the blood (Fig. 4), remaining active for a considerable
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daily meals, as breakfast and supper, without anything else, there would
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these events, whether intussusception or volvulus, im-
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les of hydrocephalus in which the effused liquid is contained within
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England; late President of the Hunterian Society. London:
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Eiccall, Yorkshire, at Sidmouth. aged 82, on January 25.
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ness which extends over the neighbouring parts. The colour of the tongue
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results in all cases of localized supponation, often caused me to wish that
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the 5th, besides sensory filaments like the other branches. It
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faults are frequently added factors in the causation.
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Practical Medicine, Thompson, page 257: "Dry crackles, or sub-
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Hunger, thirst, and spoiled food are invoked as causes of rabies, yet in
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general disordered nutrition from gastro-intestinal affec-
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two registers. Others are of the opinion that there are three,
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in all its terrors. Dr. Coleman mentions its epidemic appearance in
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information respecting the present state of the Convent, and for their
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places the organs by pressure, but tends to weaken the
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agents, capable of multiplication, which then cause disease.'^ It is true
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and twitching movements mav be noted in arms and legs. It
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The two patients were women giving typical histories
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