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    Aural Vertigo^ more commonly known as Meniere^s dis-
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    We cannot now rely on the Profession alone to supplement it largely,
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    in such cases the renal vein becomes kinked, causing intense congestion of
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    asylums, furthermore, have not yet fully established
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    turpentine, &c., as means for the cure of epilepsy,
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    of eight members, but I do not believe that the State Board of Health
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    as to the function of the ovary. In organotherapy, the best
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    doses: five grammes of tincture in a gummy mixture during
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    admitted to residence in the College within the Hospital walls, subject to the College Regulations.
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    patient came into the hospital entirely incapacitated for work by the
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    my full and complete approbation. I will not enter the question of
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    Agent.— Second Rejiort to the Committee of the Sanit.Trv Associ ition on the General Hospi-
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