tendency to heal, and many of them still remain in the suppu-
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followed by a rise and an irregular course for several
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mere ornamental appendages like the fringe of the epaulettes
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cision, forceps, or otherwise ; but if it cannot be removed without
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There is usually a slight sore throat and the patient
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definitely considered as gouty in their origin by men
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sentinar cerebral, bulbar or cerebello-bulbar symp-
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tumor was removed by Dr. Hartley, from a man seventy-
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others. If we attribute diphtheria to bacteria, we may rea-
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Also I Abstr.] : Brit. M. J., Lond., 1887, i, 721.— Thomson
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progress of serotherapy, is the fact that in many of the infec-
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which gunshot wounds extend more deeply, and in which the bones or joints
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showing her solicitude and sympathy in every feature. Once
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rassed alike authors and students, and even at the pi'esent time the vague
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papers pertaining to othematoma were published between
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internal abdominal ring. The vas and blood-vessels are isolated, and
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Fev^r and InJlatnmaUon, are almost universally absent in Tetanus.
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system and upon the gastric mucous membrane, whilst the action of emetine
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repeatedly revised and refitted to suit the doctor's needs, it is as near
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eighth day. He entered the hospital on January 13th. Soon after his
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vious existence of the disease in some other part of the
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more, taking 'care that the triangular space between the incisions covers
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train, are such as at this time peculiarly challenge attention and
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some weeks regular. Passage of the ossa parietalia on
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toration, notification of those affected with tuber-
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and free excretion from these organs may help to lessen the vascularity
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profession in scientific activities. The operation of
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A case of what might well have been, and in fact was sup-