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    drops of the diluted hydrochloric acid might be added to this

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    time he was seen at the dressing-station ; therefore, a simple dressing

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    The arrest on volition is but for a moment ; the tremor then returns in

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    He had an illness of eight weeks' duration, with obscure cerebral symptoms.

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    coal. All this carbon is derived from the atmosphere. Animals throw

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    The face is thin ; he can open his mouth much more freely than

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    risen to 102° F. It is to be noted that throughout the curve of the

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    eases. The bromids still hold the first rank in the treatment.

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    animals, where procreation is by subdivision. I could

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    summer season, and, as such, is a subject of constant

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    The diagnosis of tumors of the mammary gland determines the plan

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    at Mainz in 14Hr) and 1491 respectively. But thirty years ago new

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    research, this prize is offered to stimulate the production of a

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    was noisy and violent for fifteen to thirty minutes, but these

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    subject, has placed on record figures which closely agree with those of

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    two curves fall together, the temperature always reach-

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    cialcs de los mismos; curaciou. Clinica, Madrid, 1866,

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    attached by a pedicle, about an inch in diameter, to the

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    dysentery. — Cases of catarrhal dysentery rarely die;

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    It is difficult to make a satisfactory prognosis in cases of

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    the mucosal surface; or again, one finds a large, soft, irregular, cauli-

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    by the wearing of appropriate glasses. Of 20 cases repre-

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    pure quinine. Inconsequence of the energetic action of the aconitia, the suscep-

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    1879, i, 339; 593. See, also, infra. Michel. . On the

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    flammatory disease. Thus a sudden hyperleucocytosis

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    On opening the thorax, a very large fluctuating tumor imme-

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    and antrum are in danger of being made the receptacle of this