ever, when the subject came before Parliament, a terrible indict-
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the tendency to direct implication of the nerves. They are apt, moreover,
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Agea, IjStdia." — The general resistance of the hospital
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stomach. Acid salts, as the sulphate, are, therefore, more
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The Secretary then read an extract from the by-laws, setting
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Slightly darker in colour. — 19th. Fresh, and not dis-
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stepped to a drawer, remarking that he "guessed" they did
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irhemnatio fever were of tliis kind. He remembered a case of
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for the disease is by no means prevalent amongst the negroes.
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known to me. Other terminations, such as rheumatism, roaring,
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remember that this abnormal rhythm occurs in degenerated hearts
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grayish clot and a small amount of liquid blood. The tricuspid orifice
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people for any city on earth." That was Nicholson's idea. When my
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one dependent upon the quantity (not quality) of the blood
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report handed me by the Director of Accounts on the first
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They passed like meteors, and their descent was more rapid
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ject, viz. : — " 1st. Very acute tenderness of the skin, resembling,
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circulation and as a general or special tonic were more note-
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The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, The Royal College of
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calculus, some inflammation set in, but he returned home per-
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some irregular pains set in, and on the evening of the 18th —
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fetal ectoderm and they are of the same importance as other
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patient precluded compression of the femoral by the clamp.
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before the line of treatment to be followed is decided upon.
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tumour. The opinion that the case before us is probably malig-
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waukee, Worcester, Springfield and New Bedford 1 each. From
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and covered with mucus. Both ovaries were of a fair size, but the left
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they are of different intensity in expiration and inspiration and on
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nearly readied it ; when, in addition, as often happens, the case is
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agency. But it ought to be remembered that the air inspired