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and fragments, there is no danger of fallopian colic or

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where the patient received hyperbaric oxygen in accord-

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children before the age of puberty ; but, unlike hysteria, it is much more

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and while he and other observers recognized certain

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tions of morphia should be reserved for dyspnoea. We mast not forget that

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It is the patient behind the murmur that makes the diagnosis in

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classed with inflammations, but no inconvenience can arise

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pressure, especially over the site of the cajcum. During the paroxysuM

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be due not to the specific cause of the general infection, but to pyogenic

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facialis and polyneuritis are rather rare. The fourth patient,

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somewhat tense and reddened and may show numerous lymphafe

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a little gas and frothy fluid which notwithstanding all the otber appearances

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neral fact that neither animal nor vegetable substances are his appropriate

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common with others, which, at first sight, contrast with, more than they

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iron are less frequently used now, and instead those forms

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Mi- lev Holmes issistaut-burireon, Mr Thomas smith, surgvou-

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The area from which the tumour may conceivably develop has been

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to the opinion that there is present a trophic dis-

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to time by experiments on guinea-pigs, the serum being tried not too soon after an

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the last stage are ver}^ rare. The duration of the disease varies

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plasma contains numerous ferments, which act as on en-

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case to paralysis affecting the physical condition of the tissues

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me that the application of the chloroform alone, and in such a manner as to

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2. Ischagmia of the kidney and its results (the renal affection

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virtue of varying numerical status, but all the schools or sys-

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and cavity of the mouth. Its circumference was twenty-

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into a mass of excessively minute granules in a ceaseless lively dance.

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