Autopsy 970. Male, 48 yrs., brought in dead. Post mortem diagnosis :

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he thought that a great many of them w'ere looked on as

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College, and it recently graduated a class of three.

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of extension of the urethral inflammation of gonorrhea and

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active principles present in different samples of the same drugs.

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On examination I found, while sensation was perfect, and motion no way im-

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1. That the protection afforded by glasses is a distinct ad-

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of still-born among legitimate children, as it is derived from statistical tables

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culty of keeping the fractured ends in apposition. All

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from the (\x?i\iij oi hardness in the pulse. This they

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which has a powerful influence upon the determination

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tion with any of the organs. Cases of similar echinococci in the pleural

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eschew every indigestible substance, but to avoid the causes

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compared with its dangers and its immediate and remote

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picture. Distant objects, however, are still seen distinctly,

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iad employed the defendant, who was a surgeon, for the treatment and cure

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The Mimicry of Animal Tuberculosis in Vegetable Forms. By E. F.

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Repr. from : Nederl. Tijdschr. v. Geneesk., Amst., 1885,

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would be pallor, more or less loss of power, dizziness, headache,

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law, and told them to find a verdict of acquittal on the ground

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ones, and that inclination to pollutions, as one symptom of erethism, is

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of kidney lesions from the comparison of the abdominal

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lower rectum ; and in the case of women he shows how uterine

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tributed to lessen the probability of success. On sounding

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from Murchison, all the more weighty because he had no conception

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strength, by such stimulants as will add least to the local suffering and

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should be from half to three-quarters of an inch, but of

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instructions for dental units, and dental supply instructions ap-

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every night, and the parent said that everything had been done,

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vals every few days he now had a repetition of these chills.

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fubjefts the Information of thofe with whom he converfed was

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it pressed through tlie opening, from the tissues surrounding,

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the skin of the scrotum and of the enlarged i was, he believed, free from danger,

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