completely controlled by it, the patient passing, in the space of a few mo-
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    culous ulcerations are sometimes found in the large, as well as in the small,
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    become C3'sticerci. The latter, so long as they remain in solid parts, reach
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    cold. There is more or less cough, and the cough is hoarse or barkino- ;
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    A point in diagnosis is to determine the probable seat of the invagina-
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    It is also spoken of as a "sinus," as a "furrow," and "that
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    affections of the kidneys and lungs the name cirrhosis is often applied.
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    successive attacks of dry circumscribed pleuritis explains the firm atach-
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    I have had no personal experience in the use of the
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    tained from the use of commercial Bromide substitutes.
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    the lactate of stronlia in parenchymatous nephritis.
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    months, and it may be for very many years. Brinton states that he has
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    tinued after effusion has occurred, and, hence, the great importance of
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    iting in Pregnancy, Bright' s Disease, Intestinal Ailments of Infants,
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    pleural cavity on one side a quantity of liquid considerably larger than is
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    be competent. The weight of the heart was 15j ounces; the average
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    elapse before it is possible for the membrane to be exfoliated. When de-
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    " Diffusible stimulant and tonic In anaemia, nervous
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    that notable relief of the tenesmus is afforded b}' the introduction within
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    for tenqs between one and two years, and one for six months.
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    the peritoneal cavity, pericardium, and vena cava gives rise to no j^heno-
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    Hospital, but, before proceeding to detail them, I will make a few
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    canal. Partial digestion of the blood, or the action upon it of the gastric
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    subacute^ or chronic. A disease is acute when it has a certain degree of
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    Bronchia. It increases Appetite, Weight and Strength. (Piiis of K and i grain each.)
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    qaently as a sequel of intermitting fever, and anremia generally coexists ;
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    cular power incident to these lesions. Prolonged S3'ncope may, perhaps,
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    vomiting and diarrha-a characterize the lirst stage of the disease. These
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    terior to the tube, or constriction following the cicatrization of ulcers,
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    publication of Professor Rogers' paper, and I have met with several physi-
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    of Bernard and Barriswill, the liquid transudation into the alimentary
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    orphan and foundling hospitals 199; while the number of those
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    corresponding beveled border of the cornea. Both are finnly united
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    of turpentine. It is most likely to be eff*ectiA^e if given in large doses. A
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    of the body. It is much more abundant in the blood than fibrin, existing
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    family, seven in number, were victims of this disease in five years — the
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    second or third time. A similar plan is to be pursued as regards the
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    the causes of intemperance, and the means of its prevention, which are of
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    state of things, that Dr. Parrish, as a member of the Prison Disci-
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    medicine in cases of dysmonorrhoea, suppression of the
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    casion out of the body, resulting in the production of acetic acid.
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    them being received on the same terms, and those of other private
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    be biliary calculi. These are not scybalae, that is, masses of fecal matter,
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    diminishes the albumen well and rapidly in epithelial