Manning's testimony on "Inhuman Crimes in England ;" gives

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    College from 1897 to 1906, when he resigned and was appointed Pro-

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    Such is the record of a life of usefulness, now in its seventy -third

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    as a true friend who would promote their welfare. In the year 1838

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    Cancer, has had an enviable career. A profound student of medi-

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    incurable injury. Strange tn say, the instrument which

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    the existence of lucirte and tyrosin in the urinary deposits. By

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    Notwithstanding the few points open to criticism, the volume

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    burg and other points. Various well-known surgical publications

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    ful sciences, like medicine, new ideas crowd upon old ones.

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    perspiration, and is seldom changed for fear of the dreaded

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    of Massachusetts; (second) to Henrietta Bissell. He had one son

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    distinct department of medical science, but, with the rapid

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    of journalism, it is no wonder the class has obtained such prac-

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    vious to his connection with Geneva Medical College, he conducted

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    leaving the hospital in 1862, he spent a year in study, especially of

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    Consulting Ophthalmic Surgeon, General Memorial Hospital, New

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    a direct sequel of acute articular rheumatism. It is hardly possible to doubt

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    occurrence of erysipelatous inflammation by the mere exposure

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    ^ MacDonald was born in Niles, Trumbull county, Ohio, in 1845.

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    work bears convincing testimony. Type and paper are of good

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    and vitalized on historic batde-fields with red-skins, red-

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    In a. hallowed spot, a typical American home, in Rock'

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    " Report of a Case of Abdominal Section ; Acute Pyo-

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    especially when chewing or swallowing ; partial occlusion of the

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    nal penetrating wounds by projectiles is the frequency and

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    research, and experimentation upon animals; and the author

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    ance of any ambiguously worded provision leave the way open

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