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    in hysteria, in syringo-myelia, and in lesions of the spinal
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    period without harm. It is especially useful in haemorrhoids,,
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    enlargement is not hampered by the pelvis and its contents.
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    in women and children the vital capacity was slightly
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    over the bone, instead of becoming thinner, acquired additional thickness, so
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    Grcenow,' of Breslau, has no fear as to the use of Cocain in
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    fever is high, give fever mixture, as the following :
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    FiuDAY, November 8th: Yorkville Medical Association, New
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    adolescence. On these grounds, they add,) combined tar with copaiba in the treatment
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    laxed and does not show the same degree of wasting-
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    1372 Yeo, I. BruNEY, M.D.,44, Hertford Street, W. (C 1881-3.) Trans. 8.
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    needed ; nothing else will make unbelievers of those who put faith in
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    We must also take into consideration the life-giving
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    by the use of an otologic apparatus known as the Orient ator. In its
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    branches. Of these, the opjhthalmic (supra-orbital, etc., see Ana-
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    Johnson, treats the laryngoscope as an instrument with which
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