Infusi Aurantii Compositi, vij. Misce. Capiat gj ter die.

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    dollars ; Matriculation Fee, 5 dollars ; Diploma Fee, 30 dollars.

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    By Keginald Mokton, M.D. (Trin. Tor.), F.K.C.S.Edin.

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    weighed respectively 4, 4, and 3^ lbs., were born alive, and

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    tal in character. The patient complained of pain be-

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    proposed. I have no confidence in either of them, and have never

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    twenty-seven cases, he lost six — a favorable result, he considers, in view

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    A lowering of nervous force is to be recognized at least

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    are due to leave, as most of them do at the age of sixteen.

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    late claimant to be the inventor of the stroboscope or that he is assuming

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    11 J. A. Ryle : Lancet, 1920, ii. 490, and Guy's Hospital Reports, lxxi. 42, 1921.

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    and cough ; while in scarlatina these symptoms do not

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    sive. I have seen a great deal of it upon different parts of the body..

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    distinctly heard in many cases, but during the excitement of

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    teeth, is suggestive of antral suppuration. If, further, discharge reappears

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    Riesman,^ who has had a considerable experience of their use, speaks strongly

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    cylindrical in shape. This elongation is most complete after

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    troubles. Sometimes they tell that, while making a great

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    in diameter. We then decided to remove a button of bone, with the

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    advantages justly claimed by M. Guerin for his pansement ouate,

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    sooner the intervention the better the probability of good

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    posed in the direction of the long axis of the plant.

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    Nitrate of Silver to the neck of the bladder, through a silver catheter hav-

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    broad ligaments, every portion being thus readily ex-

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    reported. In Bartel's list of 169 cases, only 49 were

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    being passed, spec, gravity 1-007, albuminous; a copious de-