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of the respirations and the slowing of the pulse wlien tlie

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which line the sea coast, as well as in others situated inland, but which

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exception to the " plusieurs Facultes " on the ground that no

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appears that the drain waters of the asylum are carried to

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the other come blue flames, all blue." " That," said Dr. Luys,

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In Leicester some half-dozen cases were heard of in the last half of

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protection of the Colonial Office regulations. The Attorney-

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affected animals exhibit. It is most fatal in young rabbits ;

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fever charncfHV, its prpsence, however, in no way seeming to

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take place through weakening of the heart or through failure

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weak that for three weeks Dr. Duke had to watch for his opportunity to

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to hold her hand. If now I touched the doll's hair, which

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Stoney Middleton with the disease upon him. A case occurred last week

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for her home September 21st, still further improved in her general con-

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Bare. When the patient first complained of this condition,

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from some special and perhaps neglected standpoints. These

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means are employed to increase the sphere of work."

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who, it must be remembered, is not a medical man, comes

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This had always seemed to him a dangerous doctrine, and m

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mittee, and the nurses under her care. In spite of a naturally

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the Act. The committee also wrote to four of the largest

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sewage from Hamburg, but from other towns. This condition,

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You hear a noise of whistling inspiration, then a true

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InvinciUe, February 19th ; Henhy T. Cox, Fleet-Surgeon to the Itoyal

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Folkestone on November 28th last (reported in the Beitish

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muscles of the trunk being involved. Sexual desire is almost

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