and sound processing strategy (certain speech features

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six months previous to her admission to the hospital pain had

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withdrawn by a hypodermic syringe and immediately injected

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the intestines. Treat shock, which is certain to develop.

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tion was threatening and the medical attendants expressed anx-

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early stages of the treatment, and often leads to extensive loss

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Wells. D. W. The prognosis of Incipient senile cata-

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and purity. The jewels of the Crown Princess are diamonds,

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Ethics" of the American Medical A-ssociation, which it

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reference to the frequency of the occurrence, so do they

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it harmless. He favored covered drains, as open streams become low

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oxysm, and described its peculiarities. Blindness is

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cate the joint. He believed as he had expressed himself

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to the Chinese physician. Entire reliance is placed on palpation of the

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time demands the persistent use of salvar- weighing from one to one and a half ounces,

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Dislocation of the Testicle.— Dr. Ramon Guiteras pre-

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trine would be the prevention of personal intercourse, the

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theoretical notions and fond hopes will not help our patients."

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attempting to get a plan for the supervision of examinations.

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anthrax vary not only in the different species of animals, but

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luent alone were added — and I believe that this may be the only ad-

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2. Appellee William McClure was denied partial reimbursement for the cost

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sity of rattlesnake poison and the healing power of its

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Movement takes place through vertical waves or swell-

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months afterwards, another bursa, as large as the one which had been pre-

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and in India, Canada, the Ionian Islands, etc. Tinea

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decided increase of anaemia. One course of baths is rarely sufficient to

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circumference of the joint. In a girl, who laboured under this

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tinction as physicians. In the following paragraphs brief

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of irritation and inflammation of the neck of the blad-