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12. Milky Juice of Jafropa Curcas a poioerful Hcemoatatic. — Baboo Udhoy

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Dr. Hamilton, but at the same time singularly successful, and

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ally considered to be urcemic in origin, but when we

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Additional Note. — Death occurred at the age of Hi months from

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aside from these conditions nothing further was known of the occur-

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At each of our base depots is a pool of flying officers, where new pilots from

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ever led him to suspect anything but an ordinary hernia.

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chamber, as well as by the auriculo-ventricular continuity to the apex j and, by the excel-

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perusal of the most elaborate articles upon this subject, by some

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Bolton 4 likewise made an extended study of tlje action of metals upon bacteria,

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kept at a temperature of 30° C), and at the end of that time

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In The Physician as Poet, May 1995 issue, page 304, the poem titled Hospice a line was inadvertantly

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in the wound; dressings should not be tight, of close

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to the conditions and circumstances of their inmates, in

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anterior lobe. Small atheromatous deposits could be seen on both

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sensations that could justly be regarded as their analogue.

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years in difficult cases. Not that that matters in itself, if the

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dried in vacuo at a temperature of 40 C., and portions of 0.3 gm. each of the residue

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ceps to the snare for the removal of aural polypi. In the treat-

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Compound than the Genuine is not only improper, but unprincipled, as it is liable to injure the health of the Patient and cause discredit to t.he

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acidosis, bleeding due to coagulopathy, anuric renal failure

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hormones, biochemical state, performance, and finally

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"But although he was great as a physician he was something

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the wave which has swelled backward and forward to a dangerous

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parties shall have full access to any material obtained

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objects, and the stimulus of reward for our labor, are necessary to keep up

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ninth intercostal cartilage appeared. The tenderness was all over

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appearance of the veins. Obesity, also, is often an accom-