from the par vagum and intercostal nerves, which form a plexus

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Bight knee swollen. Ligaments relaxed and thickened.

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6. Fleckner RA, Goldstein JH: Mucormvcosis. Bril J Ophih

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were scraped away, but the bleeding rendered the rest of the

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nished, and the disposition of the lymph to coagulate may be so

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ened pulmonary valve, and the short " prediastolic " [i. e. pre-

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schools increased substantially. This expanding pool of

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especially at the upper part. The urine was free from albumin.

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motility caused by hypertonic carbohydrate beverages and

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common non-specific triggers of asthmatic attacks in these

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1883, and to report by letter to the Commanding Gen-

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In a previous paper (*) the bacteriology of the cerebro-spinal fluid

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unfrequently the patient was obliged to sink upon the floor

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1877 EwAET, William, M.D., Assistant Physician to, and

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viously described, should be performed on any premeno-

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24. Thomas AJ, Valabhji P: Arrhythmia and tachycardia in

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bleomycin combination chemotherapy in disseminated testicular

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digitalis and diuretic therapy. Her apical and radial impulses

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into continuing medical education. (Italics indicate

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patients develop true immunologically mediated bronchial

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Subsequently, an ambitious expansion program, involving

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XLII. — Some Cases of Abdominal Cysts following injury.

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sent home. Half the patients needed hospital admission as an

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a pleuritic complication, and his recovery was certainly re-

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Care Cost Escalation — Government Regulations— Resolution #13 “F”

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antigen. (22) Place, when required for use, 0"5 c.c. in a large watch

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only a few of the hypotheses raised in descriptive studies yet

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final visit. Table 2 indicates the changes in blood pressure

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and meperidine. The personnel includes a medical resident, a

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Micturition is now difficult ; there are always about six ounces

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with moderate fever. The local trouble begins with pain and

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No fluid in peritoneum. Thorax : Superficial view normal ;

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had been more or less constantly bed-ridden owing to increas-

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varied as a compendium of toxic substances, and have taken

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0.6 cm superior to the most lateral aspect of the pyriform

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