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a total of 2147 me. hours. It should be mentioned that

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and Hygiene of The Medical Society of the State of Pennsyl-

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‘‘(b) that adoption be urged of a plan under which

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tation through continuous structures to the cord, are mentioned

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Morristown 4-3260 — on Route 24 — Morristown, N.J.

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In recent years the scientists’ idea of the cell has

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President Buckman’s expression of his appreciation

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Read before the Section on Medicine of The Medical Society

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about twenty-four hours. The child weighed 22 pounds,

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and ash, in chemical constants of the fat and physical properties.

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muscular injections, as near as possible to the emergence of the

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ysis, and treatment of carcinoma of the cervix in detail,

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William A. Messer, Bertram J. Miles, John D. Milli-

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during the day. If he were entering the Somerset Club in Boston

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with the standard dark red filter 66, with the photo-

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sense that the etiology of the disease will be considered. Speaking

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of Delegates assembled, created probably the greatest

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with its tip at margin of the pelvis ; it has been found in almost

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McLester, Professor of Medicine at the University of

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erations, it is our studied opinion that psychiatry

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cyst with torsion of the pedicle, (2) pelvic infections,

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or four such enemata should be used daily. An hour before ad-

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the frog method has been replaced by the cat method

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like nature never yielded. He could bear a mountain weight, but

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10,000 million killed organisms per cc. 20,000 million killed organisms per cc.

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Furthermore, to the astonishment and possibly distress

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Prostatic Secretion: II. The Effects of Castration and of

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first ten days of a newborn child are used in the whole

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Academy of Medicine and the County Society to make their influ-

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one of the war program’s most difficult problems.

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feel that the latter is more effective as treatment.

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the employee shall refuse reasonable surgical, medical,

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pitals and had practiced in Lansdowne for forty years.