Sunday morning, and members jestingly incited each other to
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by the moist or oily pads, and irritated the surface. Unna has found
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lect whether or not the ergot was given. Hasty conclusions,
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surgical intervention. If it be medical, no drug equals
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or may not be slightly reddened, but this redness will
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result, a condition frequently attributed to the milk, and to avoid these
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macy is indispensable in the library of every physician. The work
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ing at the door of the temple, and it will be opened. For diligence,
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will be economic loss, wasted energy, and disappointing results. The
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is going to repair imperfectly, and finally make an ab-
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England. — Dr. Dickson, Physician of the English Embassy at Constanti-
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in any haste to decide. Pray do not, as the popular phrase is,
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unless carbonic acid is present ; exists in certain spring waters as
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uncommon in syphilitic children. Enlarged mesenteric glands
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leaving or calling at infected ports should be proposed.
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the cervix even when it extends to a considerable depth. The most
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first in his ignorance, as he later confessed, he thought
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in the daily fasces could have such far-reaching consequences
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and smaller knife; the latter point especially was one
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a woman suffering at the time from this disease, a metastasis
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hours later with 0.5 cc of horse serum intravenously, developed
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is in bed. Bedsores may develop acutely or quickly, and
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lobules. A third factor is the occurrence of emphysematous lobules (lobu-
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Farmi** expressed the view that diabetes insipidus was the result of an under-
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molasses are readily miscible with water, the quick-
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The examination will be conducted by the Professors of the School.
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and could hardly be taken or administered without the consciousness of the
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of the disease ; but the valves have always appeared to me to be perfectly
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parent cause, or be induced by straining or irritation of the eyes, by
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cardiac chambers is most difficult to understand, but not more so than their
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was seen between twenty and thirty, and four between thirty and
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falls to the inner side of the foot, throwing excessive weight on
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ventricle. — (Med. Trans, of Dublin College, vol.
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the Suffolk district, 678: Clinical Congress of Sur-
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Medical Journal, April 1865, and informs us that in India the
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Sitophobia in this sense has nothing to do with the in-
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in your private practice, especially in the presence of
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on January 23, 1946, while visiting in another city. He
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available for the test, we resorted to the use of blood-diluting pipettes
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nurses ; Miss Rose Barron, of the Long Island College Hospital,