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r shall soon be unable to work at all ; and then. (>od help us.

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Prognosis and treatment. — The prognosis when a case of peri-

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coats. In the case of a volvulus of the sigmoid flexure, the loop of bowel

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explain the formation of gallstones, for Happel has published some

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mence with, one-twentieth of a grain may be given, and the dose may be

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become expanded, the former at the pedicle being continuous with the wall

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children who have been much confined to the house, and there is in some

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frequently follows than precedes. Antisyphilitic treatment is usually

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directly to the bacilli, most deadly to them. Thus, 1 in 20 solution killed

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acid. This occurs in naccidity of the stomach walls with patency of the

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that of white round patches with soft edges. Their diameters vary from

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peoples. This suggests that the modern clothing of the feet is

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to relax the diet, especially as regards the amount of bread, and to be

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amount of blood, and be very offensive. The reappearance of the urine in

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In chronic cases the same lines of dietetic and medicinal treatment

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the former there are feelings of faintness which may or may not culminate

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diseased, as far as curing Tic Douloureux is concerned.

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the etiology of malignant and certain other growths.

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such as anorexia, foul tongue, epigastric tenderness ; constipation (81 per

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subsequent massage are alone required. Radiography has shown, however

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in perfect health, and remain so for many years, and yet at the end of this

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the appearance of bile in the vomitus. The vomiting of all food taken

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pneumonia, with jaundice, turn out to be acute yellow atrophy. But she

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during this and the subsequent procedure so that air will not enter

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always a late eruption, and, if untreated, may pass into a pemphigoid

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primary cases in which the bacillus is probably directly conveyed to the

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desired, a reliable bread substitute may be given for a time. The follow-

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stomach should be empty, a catheter is passed down the oesophagus and