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extent. It does not invade the posterior horns nor cause transverse
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digestion, for the alimentary canal is our blood-making factory.
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principles of our first chapter, that of the mechanism of "catching cold."
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vary with the individual case, and could, of course, only be
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and is progressively less frequent as a first attack after twenty-five
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might have been wholly prevented by remedies calcxilated to make
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lunch, 33., exclusive of wine. Seats for the excursion, 4s, a head, lu
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lished that there is no noteworthy difference as to size or structure of
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Wk have lately observed in a contemporary some severe comments on
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That the Executive Committee be requested to consider the procedure of
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fluid and of air in the pleural cavity, causing what is called hydro-
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them eflSciently in return for the handsome fee which will
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What is the use of our discussing the varied sanitary claims
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ing of a " lump " in her left breast. This was a large swel-
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were found in tlie normal position. Beneath the capsule on the an-
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The Medical IScientific Society of the Cdte d'Or is organising
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urine, and is not caused by any derangement in the kidney or urinary
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symptom. While the toxin of pneumonia produces parenchymatous
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accepted the advice of their medical ofllcer of health in this matter. .Vn
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in a guttural voice, pushing up the lower lip for the labials. Sensibility
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the fee. The money was cot forthcoming, and the evidence was not
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disease-producing vapor or gas. This was a natural inference from the
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may cause pain between the shoulder-blades or at the top of the right
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JBacillus of Fowl Cholera. — Virulent after seventy-four days
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The treatment should be according to its cause, and, in general,
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shown the combatant bram-li that medical officer.^ can be in possession
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precipitation of fibrin and of blood-platelets upon it. Later this
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thyroid gland was thought to be abnormally small, the head was un-
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the examinations were returned as "sufficient" within
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prolonged, along with the preservation of their bodily strength, so
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certain tissues nutritive elements, which our food digested in
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tinuous use of cod-Kver oil. To make the cod-liver oil more adaptable
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and inquiries should be made concerning them. Moreover,
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by Dr. Close, and Dr. Robinson kindly undertook what I
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iSurgeon-Coionel A. H. Hilson, M D., late Inspector-General
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therefore, cannot be made from its symptoms, but only by micro-
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for what he had discovered, but for the impression he had
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the data with which we have been furnished as typical of
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trouble xmtil it is accidentally discovered by a physician on ausculta-
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in the nostrils. Fine mineral particles, as in the case of stone-cutters
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the cases, including high temperature, severe headache,
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a kx:al ^Kismodic contraction of the arterioles. It may be relatively
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to the upper part of the abdomen. This pain steadily increases in
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ther examination I soon fqund enlarged glands in his abdomen, and
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the blood show their presence in the red corpuscles.