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    and farms of the United States to the wharf where it is shipped or
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    scraping bench. His position is under an artificial light, which was sufficiently bright
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    Thf rrffiisor thrust is elicited by ai>plyin<; pressure to the pad of the
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    variety of deer native to Burma, East India. At the post-mortem examination
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    permitting them to be rendered into lard operates most usefully and saves for both the
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    Figure 29 shows a dairy house for a small oertified-milk plant.
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    of hemp seeds. This was the carcass of a young heifer in rather thin condition, but.
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    When the animal dies the body is placed in scalding water and then pulled through an
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    more interesting and instructive if lantern slides could be shown of the
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    fig. 5.) Should an investigator obtain a culture possessing the char-
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    official public health agencies either state or local.
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    ployees in harmful quantities, or under harmful con-
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    Tablets Capsules Elixir One of the fundamental drugs in medicine
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    4. Gilchrist, R. K., and David. V. C.; A Consideration of
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    ment employees shall be conducted in such manner and at such times as may be neces-
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    the new law), the Bureau inspected ante-mortem nearly 51,000,000
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    treatment at the beginning of spring to kill all of those ticks which
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    North Dakota, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of
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    large numerals on the label of each ampul, in order that
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    Animal Industry also specializes in its inspection service, and claims
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    Spiser0ret ** (2 cases). Hosp. Tidende, 1895, 4 B., Ill, 1037.
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    preserved tissue. This area presents practically the same structure as that
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    The question of the insular involvement and its relation to diabetes
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    Plasma has been used in these experiments not only because it was
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    calories. Similarly, 1 pound of com meal would be capable of liber-
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    aiit.ielave at a temperature of 117 ( *. for thirty minutes, with half nor-
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    flows from the auricles and passes down through the lung into the reservoir.
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    at that time showed a probable lesion in the cardia.
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    have for considering this system an anatomical and physiological entiiy.
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    Avhethei- by tlie kind of stiiM\i!iis I'lir which it is adapted or It.v
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    ing substances, or otherwise treated, as provided in Regulation 18, paragraph ib), and
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    trace of malignancy or tuberculosis (syphilis was denied by the patient) .
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    ucts are also utilized in stock feeding, and in this country very largely
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    Butler 10 Fred J. Biggs Poplar Bluff Frank E. Dinelli Poplar Bluff
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    anfl Other RuininantR. (Preliminary report) Bureau of Animal Industry
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    aliT.-idv I..VII ih.lica!,'.!, a ,-.,htra-1io,i oT tlir ii,ii--l,.s ii.Toini'Min.',! I.y a
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    cellular detritus, red blood cells and polymorphonuclear leucocytes.
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    ingitis. The portal of entry of the organism was most pro])ably
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    when more or less isolated from other material. We have used for these
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    Recognizing the importance of the English trade, the Danish Gov-
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    vision seemed to be affected, and he was unable to swallow milk or
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    lie'_Mri|il|i_' the innervatinn nf the lilnml r<<\. /\. the e\aet sitllatinil nf