turned out to be an encephaloid carcinoma. The author com-
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Both these gentlemen died suddenly from affections of the
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cine to the world. Since then science has discovered the relationship
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the superior outfit as regards food which was now available for such
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practical and in their pathological bearings, and there can be
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8i"Usdn=! to Disease of the Middle En- as illaslialed by Kighlcases,
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not, however, take the medicine as continuously as she ought
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than that of man, he replied : " Is the human brain, or even
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its eyes or Ups or contracting its cheeks, with a special tendency to
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changes in the arteries and who also have weak hearts. Such patients
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peripericarditis, when the inflammation of the pericardiimi extends
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it deserves to be. Let me illustrate by two cases which
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ment caused by Gartner's Bacillus enteritidis. This organism has been
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more, than they feel them, and so are often led to refer them to any
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This disease is often characterized by deceptive remissions, which,
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Evidence of Dr. Greene of Camherwell: Pit Burial at Camberwell
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tion, or hemorrhage into a muscle, no one could gainsay him.
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easily takes the lead, for it prevails the world over, in all seasons and
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cause no wonder that these symptoms are sometimes both
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ditions. On the other hand, the rubbing into the part of blue cnntment
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instances of tympanites occurred in September and October, 1898, and
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no sense a form of jaimdice, for the sclerotics are very clear.
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the muscles may be so weakened in their tone that they allow stretch-
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did not observe it directly after delivery, not till I called the
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In many cases the onset is gradual, consisting in progressive failure,
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have only amounted to 23.6 in place of 92.7 per cent in un-
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"For these reasons the College consider that this Bill, were it to
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temperature should be carefully watched and the patient removed
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Royal College of Surgeons : Sir P. Smyly, Sir A. Reed, and
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What accommodation has been provided is open to improve-
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where in the neighbourhood of the Liakov Islands, and be conveyed by
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then asked the patient whether he could not swallow liquids if he lay
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