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in four patients, but with the best results in every one of them.
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that when the central end of the sciatic is stimulated in such a way as to give
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out the greater part of the disease of a sthenic nature, exhibiting
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the mouth of a purse almost closed with a running string, while the
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other hand, ill some very rare cases, it continues for several weeks; when
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in some cases when the disease has been of short duration, and it is by no
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nessed in cases of abundant hemorrhage, or after a copious venesection ;
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our space and the character of our contents forbids a
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perceive that It is covered by two membranes, the external
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descending mesencephalic root fibers went to and were contained
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days, and they raa}^ extend to weeks and even months. In the majority
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cases, there is associated more or less febrile movement, accompanied by
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fat, by others cholesterin, and by others a substance resembling vegetable
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cases when the stimuli were very strong the smaller nerve re-
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97°) for one week. On removal, the vial was cooled in a desic-
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In praise of this work too much cannot be said— in ad-
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pearance of a cleft, the lateral surface of the rod of Corti is a
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Since the publication of the second edition of this work, four additional
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ganglion cells enclosed by such a network were of small size, but
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The observations of the olfactory region of the mucosa are
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tion are lost or impaired much oftener than in cases of hemiplegia. There
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the temperature of the bod3\ I have met with a case in which the decline
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Brunn ('92), von Lenhoss6k ('92), Retzius ('92), Cajal ('94),
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anterior ethmoidal or the nasopalatine branches of the trigemi-
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On the Laminated Structure of the Crystalline Lens, consi-
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carp (Cyprinus carpio). Sheldon ('09) independently takes up
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The eruptive fever called -roseoZa, or rose rash^ sometimes called /aZse
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testicle, its appendages, of the spermatic cord, the bladder or