Mr. R. H. Clarke's case, Veterinarian, 1895, p. 431.
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    • In two cases which I h.ive noted, a symmetrical arrangement of aneurisji of each
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    have just spoken was only five years old. A further curious point is
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    Newcastle-upon-Tyne, July 13th, 1870. John Liddell, M.R.C.S.Eng.
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    Autopsy. — The heart was larger than normal, the left ventricle being
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    portion of the jugular furrow a distinct carotid pulse was seen at each
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    is one which will tend inevitably to increase the rivalries and competi-
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    post-mortem examination the liver and spleen were found atrophied ; no
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    hock-joint the external plantar nerve gives off a fairly large branch,
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    of purity in a large part of the population exists in association with,
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    offender, in this case 159 lbs. The accident seemed to him to depend
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