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One Tyndall Bruce Bwracwy of £25, tenable for one year, open to
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reported in writing to the president of the society, it is his duty to issue to him
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treatment is the same as for other forms of multiple neuritis (strychnin, elec-
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patient takes food containing no carbohydrates. Some patients with this
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1. The most frequent cause of ordinary hemiplegia is a lesion of the py-
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past under the title of acute ascending paralysis (Landry's paralysis, q. v.).
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flammatory changes in the nerve sheath and the interstitial connective tissue
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studient, and, in addition, two or three written examinations are given
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of our country, ^the Pilgrims suffered untold misery from starvation. There might have
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tion, both in the typical cases and still more often in less pronounced cases —
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lumbar puncture is of the greatest importance. In addition to a cellular tur-
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Samuel Gale Taylor III, M.D., Clinical Associate in Medicine.
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recess, beginning on the Wednesday before Fast day, and ending on
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for all hospitals and dispensaries under their control. Readers must
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scales in use— specific and latent heat— Hque&ction — ebullition, evapo-
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suria and albuminuria may, to a certain extent, alternate with each other. If
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^tJJSrf Lf"^ ^ "'^^ ^PJ^'-s «o have attained proper
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produce other evidence of having had practical experience, and must
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Cor. 1863. Ex. 1861, 62. Cr. 1855. 11, Quecu Anuc-street,
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of these views cannot, in our opinion, be combated with too much energy:
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the Deacon forthwith, ready for printing at the first application ; provided also-
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terms Internal Medicine, Neurology, Materia Medica, Therapeutics, Toxicology, and
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eacb single half-year. Therein it is observed that the practical
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ing and a descending branch. A number of especially fine fibers remain in
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identifying them and ascertaining their purity or impurity by tests.
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electrical current, but only by its variations and the sudden opening and clos-
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don reflexes and the pupils. The combination of characteristic pains, ab-
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etc.) the depression made in the muscles persists for a time. The so-called
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placed on research, in connection with which all requirements necessary for a scholarly
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cutaneous and tendon reflexes. Trismus. Opisthotonos. Pulse small and
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that are already paralytic. Either of the occurrences described in the two
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nizing the correct name or not. The detection of word deafness is usually
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salicylate (30 to 45 gr. [gm. 2 to 3], in strong black coffee), aspirin, phenace-
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tiple. It is seen chiefly in childhood, and any chronic cerebral disorder in a