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    The patient was admitted in shock at 1 :00 a. m. Bed-
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    used and twenty-seven quarts of clear, straw-colored fluid were
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    of the immunity to measles, because the susceptibility to this disease
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    case of malignant disease of the lung ; and fluid was let out after-
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    rying unrecognized syphilis may be a new application of the idea of
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    In looking up statistics on the subject a few days ago, the results
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    his experience leads him to believe has not any disadvantage
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    l>een the prey, she had resolved to solicit your frater-
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    the cerebral membranes not involved, excluding cases of circumscribed
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    til within the past three weeks ; he was just beginning to have
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    Stieda. — Ueber die Caruncula lacrymalis des Menschen. Archiv f. mik. Anat., Bd.
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    One of the cases embraced in the foregoing analysis is interesting as
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    awarded the prize in belles-lettres at Paris for his attainments in liter-
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    cases in which, from an idiosyncrasy, the preparations of cinchona are not
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    Benjamin A. Allison, then living at Spencer, Ind., now of De-
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    are abnormally related when the extreme movement in the
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    being themselves ill, are not remunerative patients.
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    3000: and that the mortalitv in the most healthful coloa:es
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    hsemorrhage from the nose had followed the blow upon the eye,
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    vessels and kidneys as well as apoplexy and many organic
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    . My intellects returned almost immediately, and I remember
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    tively examined, with the hope that it would furnish means of
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    point it is impossible to speak with confidence. The more typical
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    eclampsia the pulse is generally one of high pressure, that bleeding
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    the studies of the Potomac Eiver and its relation to typhoid fever in
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    On the 24 1 h of July, 1857, he got a sprain^ gallic acid with one-ihird of a grain of
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    of his parent or guardian, any firearm or air gun of any
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    of the vessels. On attempting to remove the brain, about three pints of
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