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ease of the sweat glands. No microbes have been ascertained to l)e

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tance, even of his sexual prowess. He becomes talkative, boastful, and

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was the remedy suspended, and again was there occa-

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to cause irritation. Perhaps in time we might gain suf-

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be diarrhea. The urine may be retained or frequent micturition may

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tion, but from general infection, and the patient who

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been described by Virchow in a Festschrift in honor

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-their families who, by advanced age, disease, or other calamity,

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loops are introduced from tube No. 1 into tube No. 2, and then, the

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Operation. — G. T. Vaughn [Med. News, Bee. 24, 1904), gives his experience

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double ileo-psoas paralysis resulted from the changed

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aching as a diseased bone ; and when it once sloughs,

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vulsive attacks may occur at intervals. The breathing msiy be stertorous,

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five or six hours, or even more. This done, the pieces

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flections upon the subjects which it treats. Much, however,

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be removed by the fountain syringe. It was necessary

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generally expelled in a lifeless state in the third or

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by M. Levasseur on " Migration within France." A dis-

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nate in death, seems (in one class of cases at least) to result from

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Morbid Anatomy. — The subcutaneous tissue is infiltrated with a yellowish

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all bis power into any new enterprise that seemed to him would be

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though to be fair, the lawyers were responding to the

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200 Whittington, Suite 504 Hot Springs , Arkansas 71902

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question, an intellectual shirking of a difficult surgical proplem, to adopt

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It was impossible to reduce it under chloroform. Dr. Eobert Stirling

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performed every day at first, then every other day, drop-

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16. Saundby. — The Albuminuria^of Epilepsy. {Afed.

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observed when a large dose of opium has been taken ; and it may then be.*

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becomes intense ; and leucocytosis having become well

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I ’■ 3 (Svision of GENERAL COV^UTER CORE (800 ) 521--M8

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first operators were content with cutting off with scissors or rongeur

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My report is simple ; 1 need not delay you by detail-