or hiematuria, with renal casts. The spleen is invariably enlarged during
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admitted into the London Hospital, during each mouth of the years 1847,
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cancer, and produced complete obstruction of the bowel, but the
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much elongated (ameboid movement ?). They were the most
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of the septum. He brought the parts together with the quill.
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cough with tenacious mucus. Milk and sugar of milk have
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thought to be injurious in diabetis insipidis, meat may sometimes be used with advan-
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t It is much to be regretted that the total numbers treated are not
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tonics containing iron, should be given, if the patient is anaemic (having
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orange in Douglas* pouch, tense, immovable, indistinctly
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well lighted pantry, in which to keep food and dishes. Doors
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pylorus is involved. Externally the organ has a grayish appearance,
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BoarlatiuB, typhus, iufliieDza, and depeuds primarily upon (a) Presence
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married man, who suffered from secondary and tertiary
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however, that albumen may be detected in the urine of a large proportion of
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effect ; he now feels a dull heavy pain in the head, particularly
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proved in all respects successful. In an article which recently
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the surroundings and the effects of mountain scenery and
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characteristic effects are chiefly seen in thick - skinned persons with
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to Moscow, Poland, Hungary, Prussia, Austria, Southern Ger-
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more or less interference with digestion in all febrile diseases, the
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and thither. Myriads of these animalcules, or of these vegetable
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liquid, nor of coagulable lymph, but mainly of the well
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that we have the sea open to us, upon our word it looks
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pan of boiling water, throw in as many onions as will cover the
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Gaz. ni6d. de Nantes, 1886-7, v, 29. — Rivet (A.) Un cas
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Remedies to palliate vomiting are frequently called for. Klfervescing
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and he scarcely slept at night. In the course of a few days his state had
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and eyelid became inflamed and oederaatous, threatening erysipelas or the
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