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instead of distended, and the heart is not displaced. In pneumo-

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spoonful in tea at night. The diet consisted in the morning of

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that professionalism was a behavior that, if followed,

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tervening between it and the vibrating air, there is less diminution.

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phthisis diminishes as the elevation increases. How is this to be ex-

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who have escaped vaccination in past years, it is interesting to note that

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institution as well as the insane. In the majority of

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ribs, on the left side (where she had pain), extending

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She never vomited directly after taking food, nor in

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Although it is becoming clear that the problem of silent

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simplify the subject. In order to be as clear as possible,

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infecting agent. Some of this is further oxidized, and

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begun with small doses, to administer as much as firom twenty to siity

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was almost a physical impossibility for him to make any reply.

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her and her family doctor that owing to her enormous fatness she is

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the circulatory, or in the nervous. This peculiar state of the nervous

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Disease, by J. Mitchell Bruce, M.A., LL.D., and Walter J. Dilling, M.B.,

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that either the inflammation does not extend to the sensory

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in the lungs the changes which he considered character-

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beyond recovery. J^ut nothin;^ so fully pointed out the extent and

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were perfectly negative. There was, particularly, no hypersemia of the

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This, however, is not the place to discuss in detail the unwarranted

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material in the blood caused by the checking of the secretions

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out the conjunctival wound with an antiseptic solution, and

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TREATMENT The treatment of pleuritis with pneumothorax, in most

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have felt myself justified in so doing from the well-

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* Dieulafoy, Academie de Medecine, Seance du 20 Juin, 1895.

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the practical facts therein contained are repeated in

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with raving and hallucinations, which were very alarming,

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process of tissue disintegration or a transient impairment of kidney function.

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special or general boards of organization ; they will send