Glasgow, and took the Triple Qualification in ]90o. Soon
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m diagnosis. Particularly in the field of cardiac neurosis and early
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In examination of patient at that time the spleen was not palpable,
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device for holding that chin absolutely still. I ask the patient
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Entomology. — The laboratory has dabbled a little in this subject.
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may be found side by side with the little pits. The pits may be
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The priests and magi of the ancient Druids possessed
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suddenly without any prodromes ; in some cases the paralysis appears
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presented some problems that puzzled him and others
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thigh, under the antiseptic spray of proper strength, and secures the
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improved by giving it a copious flush from an elevated cistern delivering
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fall. The paresis, contractures, and exaggerated reflexes of the
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the lower portion, with duhiess over the entire lung ;
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tion in the joint. You thus quiet the muscles, prevent ex-
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of a number of the well-known antiseptics has been worked out by
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Fig. 240. Leucin spheres and plates and tyrosin needles in the urine of a case of acute yellow
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importance to the student was omitted from the college cur-
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of equal parts of turpentine and oil of hyoscyamus,
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Stoics taught that virtue should be cultivated for her own sake,
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Miultlor. Tho Inrtt-iiainoil coiKlition and tlu' roHuItiiin vt'Hical ir-
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essential points and to lead the participants and the audience to the
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Professor of Surgery in the LTniversity of Strasburg in
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their talents effective. Prof. C. M. Wood has in his private cabinet a
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evidence of this in the peculiar smell of the perspiration, in the
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Reynold W. Wilcox, M.D., President St. Mark's Hospital ; A.
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the mesad aspects of hemiencephala (Lecture II, this jour-
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D. Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim®, Septra®)
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also suggests that thyroid treatment may be useful in old cases with deficient
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which the left ear suffers most. The frequent pounding
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turpentine ; etc. It is customary in the subcutaneous form
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apre.s eiii<| ans. Lyon m6d., 1898, Ixxxix, 523. — Ooiilz.
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6^ cure, which are sanctioned by experience, admit an explana-
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Right obliquity of the uteinas; a smooth, tense uterine enlargement ; the fundus
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or i-ontniction of tlie pupils; jjiive rise to tin- irritaliio
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30. Pulmonary Tuberculosis. — ^The points specially urged
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Ricord upon the grounds that the glandular ! day (August 9), for example, we saw a case
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a premature does not thrive it may become atrophic.
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inducing refreshing slt»ep. Acetanilid is nnich more prompt in its action than