The various alterations in the reaction of degeneration (in the widest

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such photographs may be required for police or medico-

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with horns ; indeed, unless the pedigree of mother and sire is

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been observed in penicillin- or erythromycin-treated

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truth. In a few instances we may estimate astigmatism

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if you cause the head to advance. Nature will give the

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physicians recognize the serious effects of long continued

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Sharp pains like needles in the muscles of the calf of the leg,

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as that the pathological condition known as psora " roots in the vague, and its

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tended to affect the mucous membrane of the mouth or pharynx. Inhala-

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for a long time we may have amyloid degeneration of the kidneys

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C. (99° F.). The daily record is shown on the chart (Fig. 42).

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sphincter. It was very dense, almost cartilaginous. There was no bleeding

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of the liver, spleen, prostate, thyroid, and other enlarge-

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should be to make her "fit" as the trainer phrases it. Every organ, every func-

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of the propagator of vaccine. So far as I know, the world is

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Nos. 32, 33, 1888) states that according to Damlewsky and Ch. Richet

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might be some mechanical obstruction following upon the

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the advisabilitv of refusing to interfere under such conditions

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in kitchens, dairies, or about foodstuffs. There is no good reason to

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■ We are told that this bone has a function, and should

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sufficiently encouraging to justify a continuation of

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gation of the stomach with water, salt water, salicylic

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less prevalent than in Finland. French authorities note

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filtrated with novocain behind the angles of the ribs and the

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also all the antigens were tested against each serum. The serums of

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pain and slight nienorrhagia, and was variously diagnosed by

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tions during these days of the climax of the fever did not once equal one

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ened as firmly as a man's strength could draw it. Immediately

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The soldiers ought to carry as little as possible on the

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whitish-yellow, soft spots. The submucosa is adherent to the muscularis, which is not

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Visitors to the Cathedral, just before they emerge from the

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place the left hand near the withers, and grasp a lock of the mane, the

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cloaca and posterior part of the alimentary canal. The spots