to examine thoroughly in both kinds of knowledge, theoretical and
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women chiefly. Dr. AUbutt states that the hemiplegia also occurs in
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more having gone to the seat of war in charge of a field hospital under
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classes under the superintendence of the Physicians and Surgeons in
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■WISBEACH UNION, Cambridgeshire— Medical Officer for one Di\-ision of the
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consideration of the practical details of Minor Surgery, such as (a) Sur-
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altogether remote from or dissociated with large vital and educational
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necessary a mutual understanding. It was the duty of the teachers to
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should ever show that constitutional syphilis is more common in Eng-
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Medical Education for Women. — Fourteen ladies are studying
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of the Association, that all wliich still remain unpaid, should be paid
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with a total population, in 1861, of 12,105, the parish of Deal contain-
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time when the medical practitioner would be paid for the work of his
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it is not a mere department of either biology or physiology ; for, deal-
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really wish to help that there will be a more strict control in future ;
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should accompany young medical students. Dr. Lankester declined
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fair and honourable to their interests and their good name. Avoid
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other hand, merely not-living granules of a peculiar kind, which have
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from one and the same lecturer ; but Anatomy and Dissections will be
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for the purpose of ordinary labour. The only medical witness called in
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general, to the effect that " at least one-half of the cases of disease
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and the reader continues and completes the work in hand ; but not un-
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and two Summer Sessions. 16. C)f having been a Dresser at a recog-
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He slept f.airly, but .awoke much distressed, believing he had been
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boundaries of the divisions having a high, with those that have a low,
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in Medicine at Oxford, Cambridge, Dublin, London, or Durham.
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Sir, — A note in your last issue, on the spread of scarlet fever by
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trace by descent than by ascent the influence of heredity.
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inhabitants : their usual habit being to sleep on mats or straw on the
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pression on this side of the Atlantic, it would be difficult to conceive. The actual
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elbow ; emphatically impressing on the father the necessity of having
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viz., a man (aged 62) on the 28th of April, and a child (aged I) on the
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Smith and pronounced to be unobjectionable. Notwithstanding this
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Up to its administration, labour had not advanced ; and the convulsions
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The copious secretion of urine by a diabetic patient causes thirst and
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mere hypothesis. Although pledging himself to neither of these doctrines,
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A BEGINNING does not yet seem to have been made in the building
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as there is nothing in the text to imply that the author is aware of the
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commence their first winter's attend,ance. The examination will take
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lower than perhaps in any other European state (is England an exception?) ; but,
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Mr. G. F. Schacht delivered a very interesting address at the in-